Elk Archery Lottery Opens 20 September 2023 - 

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Message from the Garrison Command Team (30 June 2023):

Fort Sill is pleased to announce Quanah Range is opening July 1 for recreational use. Twin Gates will remain open for a trial period as we continue to work to properly balance resources on Fort Sill. During this time we ask everyone to properly sign in and out of iSportsman as they take advantage of the range area. The Conservation Law Enforcement Officers will continue to patrol the area to make sure everyone is safe and using the area in accordance with regulations. Continue to practice heat safety while enjoying recreational activities.



Sportsman Safety classes:

Building #1465

Thursdays @1200

3rd Thursday of each month @ 1800



The Northern part of TA 84 is Now a Small Game Area North of Gridline 39 (This is for Shotgun with bird Shot Only)

Click here for the iSportsman User Guide

Fort Sill iSportsman "What Do I Need"  

1. Meet Eligibility Requirements specified in the 200-1 Regulation
2. Possess a Fort Sill Range Safety Card. Classes are given Thursdays at 1200; however, on the 3rd Thursday each month the class begins at 6 PM in Building #1465. 
3. Then create your iSportsman account.
4. Be sure to enter your Range Safety Card # when you register in iSportsman.
5. Your new account will then be Validated. If no validation within 48 hours, come to building #1458 in-person to verify eligibility and get your Fort Sill Account validated.
6. AFTER the Validation process, you can then purchase your Fort Sill permit(s) using your iSportsman account.
- Sportsman Services Building # 1458 is OPEN Monday-Friday 9 AM - 3 PM.
- Sportsman Services Phone Number: 580.442.3553