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It's only a few more weeks and the Fawns will be here. If you find a fawn it is not abandoned, it is simply the whitetail’s predator avoidance strategy. Fawns spend their first 3-4 weeks hiding before they routinely follow their mothers.

Special (Rifle & Shotgun) Feral Hog & Coyote Season 23 June - 31 July

Range Safety classes are offered in Building #1465 Thursday's @1200, on the 3rd Thursday of each month class starts @ 1800

A limited number of Quanah Range Keys are now available for issue
on a first come first serve basis


Spring Turkey Season: CLOSED!    

New 2022 Youth Deer Gun Hunt Information

The Northern part of TA 84 is Now a Small Game Area North of Gridline 39 (This is for Shotgun with bird Shot Only)

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Fort Sill iSportsman "What Do I Need"  

1. Meet Eligibility Requirements specified in the 200-1 Regulation
2. Possess a Range Safety Card. Classes are given Thursdays at 1200, the 3rd Thursday each month the class begins at 6 PM in Building #1465. 
3. Posses all required Oklahoma State Licenses.
4. Then create your iSportsman account.
5. Be sure to enter your Range Safety Card # when you register in ISportsman.
6. Your new account will then be Validated. If no validation within 48 hours, come to building #1458 in-person to verify eligibility and get your Fort Sill Account validated.
7. AFTER the Validation process, you can then purchase your Fort Sill permit(s) using your iSportsman account.
- Sportsman Services Building # 1458 is OPEN Monday-Friday 9 AM - 3 PM.
- Sportsman Services Phone Number: 580.442.3553